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Research Talks:

"Implicit Disentangling for Quantum Many-body States"

Tensor-network Methods: Structure, Applications and Holography (Stony Brook University, Dec 2017)

"Hyper-invariant Tensor Networks and Holography"

Tensor Networks for Quantum Field Theories II

(Perimeter Institute, Apr 2017)

"MERA and Wavelets"

It from Qubit meeting

(Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Aug 2016)

"Tensor Network Renormalization and the MERA"

Quantum Information in Quantum Gravity

(Perimeter Institute, Aug 2015)

Tutorial Talks

"Introduction to Entanglement Renormalization and the MERA"

Part I,  Part II

Mini School on Tensor Networks

(Stony Brook University, Dec 2017)

"Introduction to the MERA"

Part I,  Part II

Tensor Networks and Quantum Many-body Problems

(ISSP, Tokyo University, July 2016)

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